Why Choose Us?

We are Different and we Care.​ You have the choice of using any no-cost “placement agency” and simply get a list of properties to visit.

We are Comprehensive Senior Care Advisors, and we do so much more...

  • We help families find True Solutions for home care, personal care homes, assisted living, and memory care.
  • Our services are a product of our passion for Seniors and empathy for their diverse needs.
  • Many of our advisors are licensed clergy who are empathic to those from all walks of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to come alongside seniors and their families, guiding them to true care solutions while coordinating their decisions. We are committed to serving each family with integrity, while advocating for improved quality of care. We strive to encourage the individual, support the caregiver and further the education of the community on aging issues.

Our Vision

Our Vision is shaped by our passion and experience serving seniors and their broad spectrum of needs. Many seniors are having their dignity, privacy, and resources mishandled. We commit to be a true advocate, equipped with the knowledge of the challenges and resources, to better serve You.


Our Mission comes from our faith, but who we serve knows no boundaries.
For that reason, we offer no-cost Senior Care Placement Services and Senior Care Consulting. We've developed a company that drives higher standards of quality and enhanced services from our local providers.

Our local Advisors are out in their community evaluating facilities and providers to better understand the everchanging climate of care, staffing, and availability. Our goal is to deliver the best “Care Value” while advocating for your needs


Whether in crisis or planning for the future,
A Senior Care Consultation can guide you through your senior care options and coordinate a Personalized Transition Plan. We conduct a thorough assessment, listen to your concerns and advocate for your interests. We will provide education and trusted community resources to facilitate the decisions and transitions that lay ahead

An experienced, well-equipped guide makes all the difference in your journey.

Our Team represents over 25 years of experience in senior care. We have fostered partnerships with proven resources serving all facets of needs for the Seniors in our community. From legal, financial, and resource coordination to out-of-state transition, we have the experience and resources to guide you on your journey. The changing support and care needs of a Senior and their family are rarely anticipated, but a comprehensive care plan and a trusted advisor can offer you the peace of mind for whatever lies ahead.


How well are you equipped, prepared, and protected for the care needs that may lie ahead? Who is your personal advocate?

Knowing the spectrum of care, resources, and planning options allows You to have peace of mind

Please let us help you put a plan together for tomorrow, or guide you through a crisis today. Let us be that continual, trusted resource for all you senior care needs. Don’t go it alone!

The recommendations of any no-cost placement resource are only as good as their standards of practice for evaluating the provider ​and​ the senior.

We set a high standard for ourselves and the senior living communities we recommend. It is our goal as a faith-based company to deliver solutions that will best match the senior’s needs and provides the best “care value” for the family.

For providers, our practices include:

  • frequent visits to the properties,
  • review of state reports
  • knowledge of staffing changes
  • changing prices, and availability

For the senior, our practices include:

  • meeting the senior in person to assess their needs
  • reviewing financial resources,
  • guiding them on tours of senior living,
  • assisting them through the transition and beyond

Our Services Include:

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Provider Recommendations

Guided Tours of Senior Living Communities

Transition Support through Move-in

Continued Support for Changing Needs

Our standard is simple. Given the care needs, budget, location, and desire​s of the senior, would we entrust this provider with our parents?

We created our placement services with ​You​ in mind.

We have local representatives who have knowledge and familiarity with the Hospitals, Rehabilitation Facilities, Independent Livings, Assisted Livings, Personal Care Homes, Memory & Dementia Care, and Home Care providers in your community.

There is no facility we would recommend with which we do not have an agreement. That means, our clients do not get steered to just a few places that may not be the best option for their loved one. We have proven to our clients and demonstrated to our local providers, we strive to bring our clients to the best providers in their community.

To serve families and defer the associated expense of our service, we have agreements with private pay providers to cover our consulting fee upon placement.


The Spirit Care Program is a free outreach program where trained clergy volunteers come out to visit with older adults in need of companionship, activities, and hope. Our mission is to nurture the life and spirit of a senior dealing with the challenges of aging. In Christ, we strive to share the Gospel, affirm faith, encourage the afflicted, and pray for those suffering.

The Spirit Care Program was inspired by the relationships formed while serving the many seniors in our community. There are many seniors that are home-bound or living in care facilities that battle daily with depression, lack of purpose and loss of hope. Occasional visits from family or church elders often fall short of true relationship building. With this program, we will be enlightened with a greater understanding of the Senior, prepared with foundational scriptures and presenting the gospel, and equipped with a plan and activities to transform your visits.

3.6 Million Homebound Seniors
6.5 Million Seniors suffer from Depression
33% of Seniors are unable to attend church